Look in my Eyes

Look in my eyes and tell me what you see
You see something of which wasn’t meant to be
You see the smile and the laughter of what I show
But you don’t see what’s below
Below the unrealistic smiles and laughter full of fakery
There once was a girl that was gentle and sweet
But as time went on she no longer was
Right at the edge there she was
The edge that wishes to lay there just because
But then she wonders why
Why should I give up on myself
Why should I die when your foul ass is here
Your no longer worth to be around
If I had my wish a wish that it may be
It would put all your wishes to sleep
As you lay there all I think
Is one day you will no longer be
And all of these day you spent putting me down
Mean nothing because I no longer want you around
Just remember those times as little as they may be
Because this is one girl you’ll never BEAT
No matter what you say
You ENVY me
You may lie all you want
But you can NEVER be me
Not even when you lay your head to sleep
I PITY you for what you NEVER will have
But yet again why should I?
You make me feel sick
Your MANIPULATIVE down to the core
And that’s one thing men do not ADORE
Your MISERY is your company
And company you should keep
Because without good ol’ MISERY your eyes will WEEP
Your WEEPY days are still to come
Because at the end of the day you will NEVER be NUMBER ONE
Your HIDIOUS smile is not one in which any man can love
No MAN but a FOOL yes indeed
But at the end of these years
I stand corrected
The FOOL is still the’
So Look in the Mirror and tell me what you see
A girl who can’t be BEAT
No matter what you may do
She will still stand on her OWN TWO FEET
TEARS in her EYES and HATE in her MIND
PITY in her HEART for the FOOL that is you
At the end of the day my EYES will no longer WEEP
After TIME there will be no HATE in my MIND
But with that said TIME will move FORWARD
So now that I look in the mirror I see the pain
The pain of which one had to endure
The suffering in which one has found comfort
But knowing that it’s unhealthy
Deciding to move forward
When I look in the mirror I no longer see a punching bag
But one with the courage to use the voice of which they were given
One who will do what they must to survive
And one that has learned to be strong over time
Because without all of this pain
I wouldn’t have such a deep desire to SUCCEED and OVERPOWER
Young I may be but with a voice ready to scream
Tired of the lies and hopeless nights
I am NOT your SLAVE and you will NEVER be MINE
For all I do is take PITY on the FOOL who has CHOSEN to LOVE you
For they Do Not know
It’s no SECRET that you’re not PLEASANT to the EYES
But in my EYES you are nothing
But a stepping stone in which I WILL SUCCEED
FAILER is not what I am
Far from FAILURE is where I STAND
And On the DAY you WAKE
This is the day that will make you SHAKE
Because this is the day in which YOU DECIDED
That you wanted to be NO Other
But a TYPICAL Puerto Rican MOTHER.

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