look into the LIGHT

When the lights go out
And there’s nobody home
And you sit in your kitchen
All alone

Pitch black fades to gray
And you pick up the phone
And you dial the moon
Though you’re chilled to the bone

But the moon can’t be reached
Cause the number’s unknown
But you try to still prove that
Once you had shown

A little tin boy
How the moon had once shone
But he did not listen
And the future did go:

When the lights went out
And there was nobody home
He sat in his kitchen
All alone

The black bled to gray
But there was no phone
To scream at the moon
That he’s chilled to the bone

Cause the moon can’t be reached
So he sat on his own
And he bit his revolver
And heard something explode

So for little tin boys
The moon must still shine
Because the moon is the sun
And the sun is divine

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