Lookin Out

Looking through a broken glass
trying to paint the perfect picture
but I cant find what's hidden inside.
A frown so corrupted there is nothing to hide.
A smile within you cant define.
The eyes of fire glistening
without a beam searching for a shining star
to cast upon a wish
but dreams all seem to fail
only imaginations of moments swept in unveiling Love
that cant easily escape.Hurt with sorrow face pouring
down with tears that splatter like rain.
Disbeliefs of thoughts that casper the truth
will this ever end
so confused on the outside trying to look in
nature is calling is this my rigt wellbeing.
Lust or temptation or love at first sight
the clock is ticking
will I make it through this maze in time
before the bomb goes boom
only a sacrifice of passion will tempt me to over come
this brutally murder marks like sharpened knifes
bites of a vampire filled with venim
my heart is hurting
please my love
fill my heart with joy so I can make it.

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