I'm going crazy in my own window pane
but the pane won't open so I'm going insane
I'm looking for a magician with an empty box
but he's busy looking for a rabbit with a broken clock
I'm waiting for a ride that broke down long ago
but I think it slid off the road due to the ruthless snow
I'm looking for someone to take me away
but it's like finding a needle in a stack of hay
I'm looking for that shiny pot of gold
I guess this isn't a game that's told
I'm waiting for the postman to deliver my check
i cant wait that long it must have got lost with all the rest
I'm looking for my prince only in my dreams
but he's either long gone or lost cause the streets are so mean
I'm just waiting for someone to shoot me down
but I'm not anticipating the fall to the ground
I will keep on searching for what I cannot see
You will find that in the end I will leave you looking for me

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