Looking Ahead

Daily wake up call for anybody having a bad day: You are kind.
You are smart; You are important.
You are never too much and you are ALWAYS enough.
I knew who I was this morning, but I seem to have forgot.
You change everyday, but it all seems the same.
Don’t forget who you are because it looks too hard ahead.
Keep going to make this place your home.
By the end of this year, I want everything in your life to be okay.
You’ll train your brain to walk the farthest of horizons beautifully.
Don’t worry it’ll all be over by the end of this year.
Burry yourself in logical meditations when you’re feeling fear.
Grab a pen, pick up a book, take a walk; Don’t feed those thoughts.
Find faith in yourself to swallow your doubts.
It’ll all work out, just think positive.
Nothing will happen if you just sit there pondering.
This is the year you’ll change things.
This is the year you’ll heal those painful stings.
At last you have found your saving grace.
You kept your hopes up, and it was all because of routine.
Or whatever worked that day, you’ve found a healthy escape.
That effort is so much better than giving up and taking the ultimate exit.
2015 behind you; I’m glad you stayed here.
Stayed true to yourself and followed your path happily.
I can’t see the future, but I hope this keeps you from falling off course.
Your fortune tells me the goodness inside you will lead to celebrations of popping champagne corks.
Looking ahead, you’ve got to let your hopes, dreams, and fears show.
Follow your path like no one’s ever known.
Good luck in 2015 and know you’re loved.
When you’re feeling otherwise, just remember I wrote you this poem.

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