Looking at Time

Its like looking at your past, present, and future
Through a glass with one eye while the other runs feeling lured
In as the trap is sprung now you will respect the trend

We worry more about now like looking at time we'll miss
An important turn in the life we live
Like skipping a few steps is the cheat code to this rhyme

Yes I see life as a never ending riddle
That increases with each crossing
And to constantly be stuck in the middle
Is something like a glitch in the moment

Looking at time is like working on the mind
To some you are who you are
As if to say you where the paint
With blends of dark and light forgetting there was an artist

Its easy looking at time when you use tunnel vision
Binoculars that interpret the site you want like program television
Now to finish this riddle when looking at time
The ending is reachable with calmness and a candle

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