Looking at you

I'm afraid if I look at you any longer I'll be trapped.
I'll be forever stuck in your beautiful mess.
Forever falling into your freckled arms.
I smile bitterly at the thought that your heart beats slowly in my presents.
But I smile because you're in my presents.
You've captured my very soul and kept it in the back pocket of your jeans,
Like a note confessing sleepless nights spent with you on my mind.
I remember your warmth,
how I could feel your chest move,
with every breath as we laid together.
I wish I could capture that moment,
Like a child catches a grasshopper,
With a prideful smile and indecent excitement.
I look at you,
and find that I can not move on.

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    This Poems Story

    I found that I had feelings for someone and they pretended to feel the same. We spent a few days together but at some point they lost interest and I knew I had to get over them. But when ever they're around and I see them, I remember why I had wanted them so bad in the first place.