Looking For LOVE

By Alexis   

Looking For Love

Love, Love, Where can you be?
Its starting to seem like your hiding from me.
Ive searched and I just cant seem to get it right.
I keep bumping into the different types...
Like.. that..
Damn you so sexy LOVE
That I think we should be together stuff
But I barely even know you LOVE
That Im infatuated by your body LOVE
I refused the I THINK I love you LOVE
I just jumped into a relationship so now Im getting married cause
I dont want to be alone LOVE
I dont want that..
Im looking for that..
I cant get enough of your presence LOVE
Lets get silly and enjoy each other in the moment LOVE
Endless conversations about life LOVE
Maybe I need to redirect what im looking for huh?
LOVE starts with God
And he loves us so much more
He sends people to teach us lessons and people to cherish and adore
The future looks so bright because there us si much more... to explore..
I want..
That my heart skips a beat and it feels like I cant breathe LOVE
I want..
To make love to you any and everywhere in every way LOVE
In morning, noon and night LOVE
That, I dont know what I would do without you LOVE
Oooooo.... just the thought of you is making me wet LOVE
The thought of your heartbeat on the same beat as mine LOVE
Makes me appreciate the divinity of the meaning of the word LOVE
My best friend, lover, soul mate and confidant LOVE
Lets build this empire because I trust no one but you LOVE
Lets create Kings & Queens that will breathe life from my womb of LOVE
Lets unite under the Gods and proclaim our LOVE
That Faithful LOVE
The Unforced LOVE
That Passionate LOVE
The Forever LOVE

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