Looking into my eyes

As I look into those beautiful eyes
I can see all the pain that you feel inside
Some people say that the eyes are the window straight to the soul but maybe also to the heart
If their was someone who could ever see what is hiding behind my own eyes
Finally there could be someone who could truly understand
All they can see is my hurt outside of me but these scars I can't even explain or even tell
The scars that I have are more than those that are seen
So many are so deep inside only felt by no one but me
All these dreams I have had for so long
So real are terrifying they have felt just as real as I can hear myself when I scream
Only dreaming of death for as long as I can remember
Wars, fighting, and so much destruction all throughout this world
So real all that I can see every night that I dream
Is there something that you're trying so hard to show me
Is there meaning to anything God are you talking to me is there something you're trying to show me
Father is there something you want to reveal that I need to see

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What I think the eyes say or story behind them