Looking to the Future

Looking to the future, life looks really bright
Love is in my soul, putting up a fight
Learning to love takes some time
But, eventually it will be mine
Someday, I will find a special someone
By then, I will have learned how to love
Looking to the future, happiness is there
Happiness is everywhere, joy in the air
Soaking in the sun, there is a happiness in my soul
Happiness is everywhere, learning how to control
One sad soul can destruct the earth
But not a single person can destruct the joy
Looking to the future, the world will be changed
With future generations, the world may be pained
Hopefully there will be a cure
For the earth that had love and compassion pure
Maybe we can stop the change
Show the future generations how to live
Looking to the future, we will learn about peace
In the future, the wars will cease
One piece at a time, the puzzle will fall into place
We won't have discrimination to face
Peace will be constant throughout the world
It is the key to life

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