Rapid fluctuation and relaxed annunciation
Can produce a variation which belies anticipation.
I induce alliteration in a normal conversation
Just for joy of the sensation, of evoking consternation.
Allocation of the alterations helps me set a tone
Embarkation of a journey which I seem to walk alone.
Whether slow or fast attention lavished on my rants are minimal
Wasting efforts punctuating the explicit with subliminal.
It's criminal considering the artistry my verse contains,
Even closest friends pretend that listening produces pain.
To punctuate this piercing of my heart a punitive excess
Has cast me in a penitentiary where ignorance is bliss.
This lasting tragedy has left me permanently broken
And it's propagated on a case where not a truth was spoken.
But the bogus at the moment is behind and out of focus
I'm awoken and I've grown in ways beyond imagination,
Minimized participation in the measurement of stations;
I ignored anticipation and I focused on the basics,
Building models of reality without indoctrination.
Contemplating protein synthesis and quantum fluctuation,
I considered all phenomena in micro-modulation.
Dedication to the study of the mind provided insight
Into functions of ionophores, re-uptake pumps, and dendrites;
And the enzymes which can activate receptors of the sensory,
Suppressing all distress, eliminate this endless misery.
I've spoken of so much, one thing I still have yet to mention,
I accomplished every feat to spite this deficit attention.
-Jefferey Perrette

My muse eludes, a mind entombed
To fickle moods in multitudes.
A trickle of creative states
And hinderance to punctuate
A hobby purposef'ly pursued
Refracting thoughts prismatic through
The shifting frequencies of mind:
Adept, inept, short-sighted, blind.
Bereft of any touch affect
Selective crushed in introspect.
Consumed with thought, a waking dream
That breaks perception at the seams;
Creating moments of malaise
My mind a hazy shifting maze.
Uplifting days help pave the way
To break away, refuse to stay
And shift the blackness into gray.
I practice methods to devise
A way to make the mind divide
Awaken sleeping inner eye
To see dimensions filled with light.
Retention of the super-state
Impossible within the wake
Of warped perceived reality
Through endless lies through centuries.
Internal deity suppressed
In mental prisons we erect;
Eliminating sovereignty
Replaced with false equality.
But truths a truly lasting seed
Expanding roots, a web to weave
Combine, create, interconnect
A Universal Mind erect;
Collective yet build from the one
Expands in exponential sums,
Dynamic interaction yields
An infinitely changing field
Of future states which you can wield!
- Jefferey Perrette

Unseen spectrums interact excite a higher state
And the field of endlesss alternates leave ripples in their wake.
Try to instigate a particle to manifest, it starts with two
Eventually creating orbitals that form a molecule.
I've come unglued, I'm made of you, stardust, and eaten ewes
A braver dude would maybe fuse the spirit to a higher hue.
I hear it in the criers too, an alternating fluctuation
See the demons screaming evil out to make your motivations.
Higher than the moon I'm making ripples in the exosphere
The walls are shifting liquids, I just hope to make it out of here.
Left for dead year after year, I'm circling the drainage;
Experienced invasion from a million creatures nameless.
I am shameless in my opposition to established orthodox
Approximately sixty seconds out from shattering the blocks
Of foundationless philosophy, collectivists and empty creeds
Incumbents in the government will never get no love fromme.
Everythings expanding in dynamic interaction
From a local source and spreading into alternating patterns.
There's no way you can control it, every second every moment
It is changing in relation to the variable you've chosen!
Truth is spoken, minds awoken, and the flames of hate your fanning
Will meet the promised fate of every scheme of central planning.
-Jefferey Perrette

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