Lord Death and Spring

They say that she walks in the brightest of spring
Caused by her own existence, a rather peculiar thing
Raised by the mother of harvest, keeping Earth sated
Never once did she know, to whom her daughter was fated

For there goes Lord Death himself, Hades in the mist
Snatching away Spring, but not just for a tryst
For once the seeds were eaten, she must remain
Underground, shrouded in the darkness of disdain

Demeter begged, threatened to curse the Earth
For Persephone was only hers, right from birth
But Hades had fallen, fallen so deep in love
A love that he knew he was unworthy of

So a deal was made, a bartering of spring
She would crown over the non-living things
And visit Demeter at the time ordained
For that would be when Spring reigned

When she left, Hades wept in pain
And cursed and raged, aghast with complain
But return, did she always, to her domain
The Underworld that was theirs, again and again.

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