Lord of the Flies

A wasteland confronted us as we enter,
garbage strewn everywhere,
vulgarity written on office blocks,
empty liquor and beer bottles left
on bins at the Assembly area where
we took daily mass and roll call.

A paper graded ‘F’ was re-purposed
left on the Principal’s desk with gall
a gift containing defecated animal waste
to defile the apathetic semblance
of a learning institution.

Lord of the Flies,
Who are you?
Where do you lie?

We combined with the cool,
artsy class- always brazen
there was no love lost between us
Elites we were: highest scores,
ailing from wealthy dispositions
except for my imposition as
I stuck out like a brain-in-rags

A resounding slap across his face
for challenging the faculty of Science
as he stood up to argue his point,
another slap sent like a heat seeking missile
he anticipates this, slaps the teacher back
hell bent, slap for slap, ten minutes we endure
until expulsion was assured.

Before this, he drew Bart Simpson on
all chalkboards with ‘I Love You’
signed a hundred times
the name he wrote this for
was embedded in the drawings
as an expression of his HeArt.

Upon expulsion the chalkboards
were no longer desecrated
this was so lame, one would claim
for it was done in my name,
the Skater-Boy who was the
best known artist in school,
gifted beyond his young age
waged his heart to an Elite.

Strange as it may sound
standing in his lounge to
deliver his homework due
upon his wall I spy
a canvas on-high with the most
exquisite beauty, totally bare
standing in the Garden of Eden
only to stare, at my face painted.

The Lord of the Flies no longer
brazen, no longer yearned for mutiny
standing before him, with a gentle kiss
his fate was finally sealed
as eternity was now promised.

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This Poems Story

My first boyfriend, how I met him...talented and gifted he surely was and if he continued his 'revenge' on the school, he would have never went to Australia winning an Art scholarship. Our relationship changed his fate forever.