Lose Control Over Him

He make me lose control.
He send joy to my soul.

Í need to feel your warm breath on my neck.Í want to be his predator.
He watch ne everday.

Í can feel his skín next to mines.If the sun shine let it be a kodak moment.

He make me scream his name in bed.He say call him big daddy.

We shall hold each other.Im treat him with kidness. Praying to win his soul.

Every time í close my eyes.Í see us strolling through paradise.

Í will always be his lady.This love is not blind.Thank God Í found you.

Will you be mines?
Will you kiss me before Íslendings?
Will the sun continue to shine?

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This Poems Story

When a woman been with á man fór so long.She lose control.He know how to make hér mind explode for him.