Lose Friends, Lose Yourself

Waking, lying, groaning, I'm slowly sitting up.
Walking to the bathroom to put on my makeup.
Look like this, don't look like that, be a lady always,
I hate my hair, I hate my face, I hate these lengthy days.
"Why are you so introverted? Go hang out with friends."
Wow! I didn't think of that. What a great thing to recommend.
But wait. Oh no... What friends do I call?
I'm too scared to talk to anyone after last year's downfall.
Now I sit alone in my room on Friday nights.
I compare myself to other girls and I just don't feel quite right.
Why aren't I as pretty? Why do I weigh so many pounds?
I know I never felt this way when I had friends to hang around.
And you know what? It's not that simple, finding new best friends.
No one else will love you unless you love yourself by day's end.

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