Lose Is Never Easy

By Da Poet   

Once again the levees break
watching from the sidelines with heartache

Like the flood waters of Katrina
mind numb from disbelief
clouds fill the window pain within my eyes

Drowning draining sorrow deep within my soul
for another life so dear has been lost

As the violin plays a harp song
stroking ever so delicate heart keynotes
exposing fragile emotions cry out
No this can’t be Lord this can’t happen to me

A somber symphony sung by a heavenly choir
lifts the anguishing burden of pain just awhile
Memories reflection of happier times

But time is not ours it belongs to GOD
behold life is a treasure to be humbled
Taking nothing for granted nothing assumed
make haste your life’s message

Time takes no prisoners makes no room
God doesn’t make mistakes
HE makes provisions


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