Losing My Brother

Losing My Brother

I Ma’Zion Cooperwood is a young African American male that lives in the city of memphis. He has a story to tell about when his died. It was the year of 2017 and in the month of september sidney, (My Brother) was acting very strange at that point and time. For example, My brother came and picked everything that I asked him to. And he always come and get me to come help him so that he could teach me how to fix things. For example, “ My brother would say, “ Zion come on help me fix this lil bro.” I used to hate but when i went out to help, I would always become interested in what he was teaching me. Then October came around. My then began to do things that he wouldn't normally do. He began do come around more and he wasn't in such a rush as he usually would be. Then, on the say of October 11, 2017 it was on a wednesday of fall break. He went to our rooms and they talked for a very long time. And to remind you my little brother( Ja’Vonte) were in the living room. Out of now as I was in the kitchen making a sandwich, and my brother came out of my auntie room dancing.

And I asked him, “ What are you doing bro?” He answered, “ Dancing lil bro that’s what I am doing.” Then my momma yelled from her room and said, “ Tell you little brother to lock up the house.” My brother answered in return, “ momma you already know he going to do that.” So, then we proceed to the door and my brother asked me how was school? I stated, “ We don’t have school we are on fall break.” He committed, “ awl mane i haven't been to school in 11 years. I laughed and told him that he was old. He walked out if the door and he turned around and looked me right in my eyes, and my brother said the three most special words to me. My brother said, “ I love you.” It shocked me because me and my brother had the relationship as if we know we love one another, but we never said it we showed it. We showed that we love each other. I looked back in his face and said, “I love you to big bro.” I’m saying this not knowing this was going to be my last time saying this and looking my brother in the face. My brother got into his white pick-up truck and drove off with his music loud as usual. Also, is was about 8 o’clock. Then, I went to sleep and i woke up 2:00 a.m. that morning and could not go back to sleep. I said to myself, “ This is wired. Why can’t i go back to sleep.” At this moment I went into the kitchen to fix me something to eat.

Then, time passed by, it was about 6 something in the morning. There was a knock on the door and I looked out of the peephole and there was two police officers. Just to remind you my brother Ja”vonte was standing right next to me with the expression of concerned. I opened the door and I stated, “ Good morning officer.” The sad officer responded, “ Good morning.” I asked him, “ What seems to be the problem?” The officer came into the house and asked, “ Do you know a Sidney Shaw?” I answered, “ Yes sir that’s my brother.” So, then i went to go get my mom. We all are standing there wondering why he asked us did we know Sidney shaw. The officer said, “ He was involved in a deadly car accident.” So, at this moment I’m going to get ready my little brother, Ja’Vonte, and I. When we asked the officer what hospital was he carried to, the police officer told us that he didn’t make it. I said in fear, “ what did you just say sir?” He repeated it again. At that moment I felt a big part of me left from my body and soul. After that day I didn’t I haven’t been the same. Then the officer stated, “ We couldn’t identify him by his face. We had to run a fingerprint to see if that was him.” It didn’t feel real at all, what that officer was telling us. It felt as if I was dreaming, but I knew that it was real. After that my life hasn’t been the same.

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