Losing Myself

Have you ever felt like a weed in a bed of roses?
Each rose is beautiful and blooming with life
while you’re hanging on and slowly dying

I never knew how hard life could be
Until everything I had began leaving me
From being pushed down
To never left alone
Wondering if I’ll make It home

Maybe that’s what it took to toughen me up
No longer being anyones pup
I began to build my walls strong and high
Leaving any good all behind
To start falling off this shelf where I began to lose myself

Problems began to follow me home
Having to deal with them on my own
Speaking hateful words to my parents
Creating obstructions to follow like currents
My “home” no longer felt like mine
As I slowly started to lose my mind

Not only did I lose myself, I lost my family
For three bullets was all it took to cause me insanity
Death is something I won't accept
But death is something I should expect
For all my family that has left

Now it’s up to me
To choose who I wanna be
To be a bird who will fly free
Or a wilted rose who will never know
How it feels to truly be me

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