Losing Myself

two people on my shoulders, both looked like me
each telling me to go a different way.
"It's dangerous. It will destroy you."
"Do it. You never know until you try."
I was spilt in half, each thought tearing me apart
ripping my mind to shreds

Do it. Don't. Do it. Don't. Do it. Do it.

I did.
I took the plunge.
It shattered every bone in my body,
ice and glass covering me,
enveloping me in every regret I've ever had,
splintering me into little fragments.

They found me like that, cracked and crushed,
pain and loss spilling out of me.
They grabbed all my pieces and rushed me to the hospital.
They did not realize they had left a part of me behind.

I was taped back together, every scratch and wound mended by bandages
but never the same-
for that of piece me that was left behind
can never be retrieved,
can never be found,
because I took the plunge.

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