Losing the Love

I am not sure as to where it began
in this relationship of 16 years
and why it lasted this long?
if you don't work at staying in love
it will change and turn into something else
that makes you wish you never go involved in.
Why is it so great in the beginning?
all the good sex, dinner dates, movies and passionate kisses.
Life is what happens
and not knowing how to separate
the disappointments life throws at you
so, here comes the mistreatment, resentment and confusion
that causes you to lose the love you once had.
Often times we sit and second guess our decisions
and wonder was it for the best?
Did we do this right or wrong?
Singing the same old blue song.
Love is great, love is kind, love my god what a marvelous find!
but you laid me down and place me on the back burner
robbing me of unknown pleasures,
casting me away "your most valuable treasure".
Open your eyes so you can see me!
who stuck by you and stayed around
fought your enemies and
even held your hand while your plane was going down.
How then could you hurt me so
I am crying to know
but in my heart I had left a long time ago.
and then you'll realize you had lost
your number one.

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