Losing Touch

Shit hits the fan
So fast that it hurts
Everything was fine
And now it keeps getting worse
One day we are great
The next, not so much
It’s always on and off
We are starting to lose touch
Losing touch of our fantasy
That we have dreamed up
Of our perfect lives
Now we give them up
You used to be my safe space
Away from all them
The people who hurt me
Again and again
But now that you’re gone
I’m simply alone
Alone with my thoughts
I’ve strayed far from home
Home is where the heart is
But without you I’m lost
For My heart belongs to you
No matter how much we fought
One day we were smiling
Filled with laughter and joy
And the next day you left me
And my whole world was destroyed
In a matter of sentences
Simple words tied together
For our forever had ended
Blew away like a feather
My days would be spent
Wasting my time
At night I wrote poems
That didn’t even rhyme
Because without you I’m broken
I don’t work inside
I wish you would come back
And make it all right

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This Poems Story

Sometimes I feel empty. And alone. And I guess this is just the way it feels