Losing You

My heart is torn into pieces
Feeling this pain everyday
The bright light in my life has perished
I don't know what to say
My sunshine, my love
What do I do?
How can I move on without you?

My heart breaks with each passing day
But my mind says, "You'll be okay".
Will I be able to see the bright light again?
Or will I let myself go down the drain?
My sunshine, my love
I miss you everyday
What can I do to ease this pain away?

You brought happiness in my life
Immeasurable and incomparable
For once I felt complete,
But now I felt deceived.
How can life be so cruel?
How can life be so unfair?
Now there is emptiness inside me.

If time could bring you back
I'll do everything and beat the odds
To hold you so tight in my arms
Is everything that I want
To love you more than life itself
And to keep you in my mind and heart
My sunshine, my love
You're the best decision I ever had.

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