A gut wrenching feeling,
A place in your heart shattered

Endless tears crying a river,
Falling nonstop

You world shattered, your mind gone,
What is there left to live for?

Suddenly it seems impossible to see the beuty in life
There is no meaning to live, no word for strife

Why is the sun still out?
Why is the sky still there?

Why isn’t the world morning my loss?
In fact, why are they acting that it’s not there?

Funny how some things can be so bad,
Yet it is a normal day to others?

You know, though,
That you will never forget that day of your loss

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    This Poems Story

    Loss is just something that you have to deal with everyday, in varying quantities. When I get loss, I have the terrible feeling that I’m trapped. I feel like I am on a plate, and the sky is a dome. No matter how high I jump, I can’t break. I try to convey it in my poem.