Loss Of A Husband

As I wake and stare at the morning light,
my tears, I try hard, but cannot fight.
I remember times of yesterday;
I loved you more than I could ever say.
I look around and wonder what I will do;
my purpose in life has diminished without you.
I have lost my husband and best friend;
life will never be the same again.
I struggle each day just to get by;
when I am alone all I want to do is cry.
When I am with friends I put on a smile;
my hope is, it will get better after a while.
It is hard to explain just how I feel.
I want you to be with me, yet still,
I don't want you to continue in pain.
I don't want to die, but I want to see you again.
I continue to do the things I always do,
but it is hard to continue without you.
Yes, I do continue to get by,
but, I do ask myself and wonder why.
As I lay in my bed late at night,
the tears I no longer try to fight.
As I lay and stare up at the ceiling,
I know I will be alright; God Willing.

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