Loss of Love

Loss of love, pain beyond belief
Pain so deep, a new level of grief
The ache and pain in your heart is real
Your heart ripped; there is no appeal
Your life is dead; your head is numb
People speak; their voices hum
The world goes by; it moves along
Whilst in your life; slow motion is strong
Nothing can move in a forward bound
Your feet weighted into the ground
Your focus gone, your skin wet
From tears that have fallen, long to dry yet
All that you need falls by the way
You struggle and struggle to get through the day
Your heart is constrained with imaginary chains
Growing even tighter, tears fall like the rain
The clouds engulf, dark as the night
Your mind ever racing, for sleep you now fight
To close your eyes, to sleep, to forget
Your eyelids grow heavy, darkness falls like a net
But time is good, and time is kind
Memories fade, and the good we find
The love we lost will fade away
As a new love arrives at the break of day

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This Poems Story

Sometimes losing love can send us into dark places full of pain. Having been in that place, I know that with time, healing, and those around us who truly care and support us, there is light and new love.