Loss of My Angel

Days go on hours change just like in the past
but now I hold on to them hoping your memory
will last
I never got to hear your heartbeat or feel you as
you grew
I was so full of excitement as soon as I knew
how short lived that was, how quickly the
disappointment sets in
knowing that your gone and your life won't
ever begin
I have so many questions on why it turned out
this way
such a precious gift given, then taken quickly
I'll never get to hold you, or sooth your newborn
as painful as that is,only God knows why
maybe God needed an extra angel to keep him
but it hurts to know that you, will never get to be
I had such love for you as soon as you were there
now I feel so empty as though it isn't fair
I have guilt thinking I didn't do something right
these thoughts haunt me, and keep me up at
if only you could have grown, still being inside of me
how differently all of this could be
Lost feelings of joy and excitement of what was
to come
and now I feel so empty becoming kind of numb

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