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Loss: Pain and Grief

By Birdie   

A million things runnin' through my head
Can't think straight when my heart's like lead.
Bawled my eyes out long ago,
But recovery's goin' oh so slow.

Why'd ya have to go so soon?
With you I was past the moon.
Exhausted, empty, dreary, sad,
With such heavy things my mind is clad.

Sometimes I feel your kindly gaze,
Depression haunts me like a maze.
Your gentle breath and whir of wings,
A small brave smile's all they bring.

Moving on is quite a pain,
Gain and loss and loss and gain,
Although we are so far apart,
You're always with me in my heart.

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    This Poems Story

    I wrote this poem after my pet bird, Euro died. I had found Euro, a European Starling, as a hatchling without even any feathers, lying in an intersection. I rescued him, and raised him for months until he ate a poisoned roach and died. Behind the poem is a picture of Euro a few weeks before he died.