Traveling through its familiar path
Filling its weekly dues
Corrupting hope and innocence
Discouraging one who's you
But how does one find oneself when they're already lost
Seeking happiness and life in an empty glass
Courage, hope, belief
Are drained through every prick
But emotions, sorrow and feeling
Are drained through every slit
How does one hurt the body that is she?
How does one explain to others she can't breathe?
Surrounded by love and care but feeling nothingness
Retracting hatred and despair to keep a family fixed
You can never be good enough
You can never be the queen
All you can do is be what's expected and assume your duties
Protect your loved ones from your own sorrows and regrets
Shield their eyes from the marks that show you have survived
Give them love when their mood is altered from your sins
Speak with barriers, don't give them more to fret and overthink
Keep your winning smile, don't show you're breaking down
Make them think you're content and never in doubt
Show them you have faith in everything that's said
Don't show them your resilience to cures left unsaid
Although you may be lost, leave it in your head

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