The reason for which something exist

So many temptations tell me how can I resist

Im a rolling stone, some how I hold my own

All my foes are clones, they tell me hold my nose

Under water I breath, In the darkness I seek,

To advice on foot, Looking solely for peace

They call it graduate when you make it up out of the streets

They yelling"Congratulations make sure it's room for me"

They know the reason for which they didn't recieve the blessing

&when you tough love em they don't recieve the messege

So next time you see them they gon'conceal a weapon,

&try to r.o.b. your most prized  possession

See how they brainless, aiming the stainless,

just to be famous but don't know what fame is

When you become nameless with no more dollars to count,

&the women account, negative amount

I can sniff them out

they the ones, they the ones, they the ones who live in doubt

"He just talking out loud, he don't know what its about"

Fuck that I seen so many

In my Casper city where black roses are pretty

We don't see the red ones till children are dead son

Cause ain't no legitimate date on when the bread comes

How you looking to change when you add to the pain?

Fuck it pick up the dice and roll again its all a game.

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