Trapped, I've found myself in a dark room
Slowly dying inside my hopeless tomb
Blinded to reality
What's all this desolation inside of me
Searching for answers to justify my past
After all I've been wearing this deceiving mask
My soul is slowly eating me alive
Evil is shrinking me while building its own thrive
This blank face is crusted with salty tears
Building upon itself for years
Pain, now that's someone I call my best friend
These scars continue to transcend
I admit I'm emotionally scared
Abused, I stuttered and your anger flared
I let him get into my mind years ago
Will I ever let him go, I don't know
Looked after by a psychotherapist
Making me his pathetic experiment
Don't step on that crack or you'll break your mothers back
But what they didn't prepare us for is our own attack
Lying, saying I'm doing the best that I can
That always seems to be my go-to plan
Drinking to fill my hollow inside
Pills numbed as I slowly swallowed and cried
I've built these walls around my heart
Screaming trying to find the start
But this is a mazed revolving game
Picking apart my in-denial brain

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