Yaffa Slurzberg
I am done I am free but I am lost
One chapter to the next but without a clear plan
I don’t have a road map written out for me anymore
I have to make my map
But how?
I am lost
I feel alone, drifting, floating in the world of in between
I feel like one weight has been lifted just to be replaced by another
I know what my goal should be
But do I want it or am I just afraid, scared, terrified
The days of a new life are in reach and bare such promise and yet all I can dwell on is the fear
The fear of failure, incompetency
I can’t
I am not good enough
How do I escape the debilitating handicapping thinking
It’s amazing the power of the mind.
Its lure so strong it’s hard to free from its grip
But if I don’t, I will remain lost
In my thoughts

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