I feel alone.
I feel mad.
I feel sad.
my heart is beating really fast,
and I don't know what to do but collapse.
its getting harder to breath but maybe that's just me.

hiding my feelings is the first thing I do,
so I say im fine but its all a big fat lie.
a fake smile is all you need,
maybe a single hug will make me succeed.

I don't want to talk about it,
because you cant keep your mouth quite.
I thought I could trust you but you showed me why I couldn't.

Now ask me how im doing,
and i swear im doing just fine.
Now ask me why im sad, and ill tell you that im happy.

Nobody is truly happy,
everyone thinks this is a cruel place.
yet everyone still calls this the place they would love to stay.

As you read this,
you are going to think that this is too confusing to read but,
look closely and you'll see the message I want to bring

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