Trying to find my way back home using the stars as my navigation,
To say I'm lost with no home to begin with is over exaggeration,
If only there were signs to direct me, to help me understand my path,
Didn't pay attention to the landmarks, no direction is the aftermath,
Searching high, searching low, for answers that lie in between,
On this journey alone, this path is not what it seems,
The city, the forest or countryside, everything in it has a home,
The homeless man stands alone, within himself, his skin is his own,
Some of us are lost on our quest for love, hope one day we can find,
A dream with a happy ending, what was once lost in the mind,
Time only goes in one direction, so time is never lost,
If time is money and money can be lost, how much does time cost?
Life is a journey, using my mind as a mental compass,
Trying so hard to find my way through life, lost in time, I guess?
I say a little prayer, asking God to get me on track,
Many obstacles in my path that I overcome as God shows me the map,
No longer lost, I'm finally found, one day I'll be lost again,
Only next time I'll stay on the right path..
Finding my way home in the end.

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