When I think about today and wonder for tomorrow.
I pray for happiness and never for sorrow.
My past has passed and there's nothing I can do.
What's done is done but I'm ready for something new.
I'm tired of feeling like I'm never enough.
I'm tired of using every time life gets rough.
I've died in the flesh and been reborn through the spirit.
And I'll scream and shout it just so everyone can hear it.
I give my life to you Lord so I can live right.
I'm walking in faith and not only by sight.
You've given me mercy and grace through the blood of Jesus Christ.
Your one and only begotten son just to give me eternal life.
So I thank you Lord for doing me this favor.
By sending your son to be my one and only savior.
I am so thankful to be this blessed.
For you to come and find me when i got lost in my mess.
Now we walk side by side, hand in hand.
Please hold me tight so I never get lost again.

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