I used to be like you once
full of chatter full of fun
but those were the days
before this had begun

you ask me how I'm feeling
but I can't answer you now
my mind is in a fuddle
and words escape me somehow

I hear my mother calling me
it's time for me to go home
but I don't know where I'm going
and I feel so all alone

my words come out all jumbled
not how they are meant to be
but deep inside my idle mind
they all make sense to me

I used to love to bake and clean
but now those days have gone
everything I seem to do
somehow turns out all wrong

I'm tired and the kids need fed
or was that yesterday
a fleeting recollection
but one that will not stay

I'm angry for some reason
my actions I display
but still you come to visit me
but I don't know why you stay

I hear my children crying
somewhere inside my head
I must go try to find them
but I seem tied to my bed

you ask me to eat my dinner
to keep strong and healthy too
it seems like such a simple request
but I don't know what to do

eventually I stop moving
my dignity is wiped away
and yet you still sit with me
to wipe my tears that stray

although I do not know you
some comfort is with me here
just to have you sit beside me
to know that someone is near

I hear my mother calling
it's time for me to go
in my mind I'm running quickly
but my feet are moving slow

I must go now, I have to leave
they are waiting for me there
and if I could speak, I'd thank you
for your everlasting care

as I leave my wasted body
I cannot wait to run
I used to be like you once
full of laughter, full of fun

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