He spoke but no words came out. he sang but no song
rose about.Losing control and i'm tired of crying out.
knowing there's no love. patiently waiting for my time
to come about. Gone gone in the wind. hush little girl
their here. She huddle in fear. Weak weak i'm falling to
my feetoving gone extinct. crying but no tears come
out i hurt but i feel no pain.i think life is just a
big board game.i walk but i seem to be stuck
has my body truly given up. i show no interest
like i seriously don't care. if i was to pack up
and go it wouldn't be fair. leave me here to rot
alone. I've always dreamed i'd be lying on a
huge thrown. Depression i hate this feeling so
alone. HELP ME my body cries out deep down in my
mind saying you'll never get out

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