By Sujeeth   

It's a raging sandstorm
This turmoil that I feel inside
Rational thought is but a mirage,
In the desert of my tormented mind

My soul searches for succor,
For an oasis, in the burning sun
I long for the cool shadows of your presence,
For your loving touch, to quench my thirst

I reach out, unseeing, blinded by my need
Hoping, against hope, that you'll take my hand
All i find, is the unending emptiness
Solitude, as always, journeys by my side

Where am i going? i do not know
Direction, destination, they have no meaning
What does it matter, what course i chart?
For, without you, no road would lead anywhere

I know you had your reasons
We, probably, were never meant to be
I only wish that it were not so
For, without you, everything is lost

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Of love lost