The pitch black hue surrounds me over
With all its hostility and cold.
The invisible mist grazes my pale skin,
Going deep into my bones.
Deep into my soul and even further more,
To where lie my scars.
Once only frivolous marks ,
As I wore them as honourable badge.
These scars are the consequences
Of my unforgivable sins
Which have seeped right into me with time;
Straight to my soul from the skin.
I know nothing of where I am
It's obvious, I'm lost ;
Just like that day in the circus.
When my child-self wanted to be found
But now I want to stay right here; a bit more.
As the dark forbids me to spot my wounds
With the cold numbing it's pain; my whole body.
But still making my heart beat slower,
I keep shivering in the pain I deserve.
I deserve this, every bit of it.
As I've pained my victims by my deed. Now, I'm suffering.
If only I could go back in past and be more human.
To take it all back ,but world doesn't work like that.

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