Lost & Alone

When there long asleep, I tend to find my wasted,
trying to get you out of my mind. I try to be strong, I
try to move on, but when the night comes around,
in this cold empty house I tend to find myself,
drinking alone. The last summer sunset only left,
regrets, and more scares on my heart. His intentions
were cheap and left me broken when we fell apart.
I tried to forget all the pain, as I laid my head,
on the soft comporting pillow, I've tried so hard,
not to cry into. As I get up my heart feels,
as if it were drowning in the great Pacific Ocean.
I'm lost, and afraid, as I watched my strength,
and happiness fades away, in the distance.
It gets harder to smile when she wants to play,
when all I lean-to, is the end of these days.
Winter comes around for the second time, and I'm still
a mess day by day. I do a good job of covering it up,
so they won't worry about me. I know I'm not alone but
nights in this cold empty house make me remember
when you walked away, and that pillow was finally cried

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