Lost amongst the trees

Somewhere down and left behind
deep in sewers muck,
my pace is slowed, no light ahead
the thicker it gets, i’m stuck
trying to find an out, i know is up
where people freshly breathe.
Yet the closer i come to getting out...
the less i see of me.

i now walk atop the street;
a jungle of probing limbs
which cover the sky and absorb the light;
warmth, that closeness brings.

i’ve lost my way amongst the trees
it’s as dense as it was below.
Now my direction ridiculously seems
not much of a direction at all!

so i race back down to the sewer
where all the garbage floats,
to find a self i’ve never known
amongst illicit folks.
Where maggots and worms; true parasites,
feed off my flesh and bones.
for the only value my body has
is what the others own.

Chemical highs, body lows,
the mind just doesn’t know
the pain it feels
or any love that’s real,
and those parts of life which glow,
from growing.

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Key Words : Addiction, Drugs, Depression

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This Poems Story

Obviously i was in a pretty bad place in my life. Being down and out and subcomming to addictions to help one cope, then getting out of the rut, only to find that the good side is no different and just as bad as they too cope with life with ills. The tree metaphor are the tall buildings/skyscrapers and life in a big city, and how people are just as bad anywhere you go. As we try to cope, we miss out on the important things in life