Lost And Found

It gets hard out here on your lonesome, cuz I grew up in a family
where family communicated and came to a conclusion
that no one wants em.
So what am I suppose to do? Didn't have no other options,
so I turned to
the drugs and the violence to help me make it through.
Now I'm walking
down the street with holes in my clothes and two left shoes. Family
always told me I wasn't gone be nothing, so why go to school? Pops
always said don't work too hard for another man so getting a job
was out of the question. Never really knew right from wrong
so there wasn't no second-guessing. You see I always thought
that having a child was a blessing, but
I experienced child abuse, depression, and now I'm always stressing.
See this life
got so hard that I couldn't escape, but ever since
that first day at that hospital, I knew I was a mistake.
See you hear about people winning the lottery but
why couldn't I get that big break?
But I ain't asking for a million dollars, just a hot shower,
some clothes and a little bit of food on my plate.
Better yet, if I had one wish, I wouldn't wish for no hot shower,
no clothes, or even no food on my plate.
I would go back in time and look at the day I was born and
ask them to erase that date.
You see none of this would have happened if I never was born,
but God showed me a good lesson that,
you gotta stay strong when you're walking in that storm.

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