Lost and Found

All these feelings bottled up inside of me,
I feel as if I might explode,
My head pounds continuously,
Keeping the same tempo of 1,2,3
Anger rushes through my veins,
Turning them red with beautiful fury,
How can something so amazing be so dangerous,
I grit my teeth back and forth
Back and forth
Back and forth
Staccato paced breathes,
Heavy muscles become intolerable,
Forever frown full face
Fists balled
Squinted eyes
Racing heart
Gaze locked in place
Target acquired
Mission engaged
These feelings overcome me
Swallow me whole
Inhale the air I breathe
Anger is here when I no longer need it
Want it
The all too familiar feeling of wanting something I shouldn’t
Couldn’t have
Sudden long winded thoughts
Face now full fraught
My breathe was never caught
I sought
My love can’t be bought
I can forgive
But I have never forgot

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