Lost and Found.

What do you do when you’re losing yourself,

When you’ve burnt out the wick

When you’ve lost all your depth,

Do you run and hide cuz you can’t find the answer,

Do you stay inside cuz the world has betrayed you,

Do you forget who you were and what it was you stood for,

Do you keep going down, way deep down under,

Until you get to the point of no return because you’ve really lost yourself and you never seem to learn?

Or do you stop and think and reevaluate your life,

Who you’ve come to be,

What you feel inside,

Do you think about when or why or how,

How you’ve come to be in the this and now,

How you act when there’s others there right beside you,

Or behind the closed door, when they can’t seem to find you,

Do you feel true or do you feel fake?

Do you think you’ve come to realize any of your mistakes?

Have you learned from them or do you just plead insane?

Because you can’t seem to find any truth in this pain,

Well if you find yourself you will find the truth,

You just can’t keep on denying your youth,

You have so much to see and much to learn,

But it’s not going to happen until you take your turn,

Don’t look away and just face your fears,

It’s about time you take control of these years,

Don’t let them shape you in any other way,

Than God intended you to have each day,

He made us but we make our own light,

We get up each day and we set our sight,

On exactly the thing we all hope to find,

And that would be ourselves, our place, and our time,

This is my time, I need to start a new,

A new way of thinking, a way of my own,

So I don’t need to ask someone else to condone,

I need to find what it is for myself,

Maybe when that happens,

I can put this all on the shelf.

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