Lost at Sea.

Lost at Sea, will I ever find you?
Lost at Sea, will it be days or years?
The longer it takes, the more the mystery.
The longer the time, the more the misery.
We’re searching for a “lost ship.”
People looked at the Sea and thought they could just take a dip.
They never knew it was much more powerful than that.
Pretty beaches go much further than a Seaside walk.
Lost at Sea, I will find you, don’t worry.
Lost at Sea, I’ll spend eternity searching through water.
She’s much more intelligent than people think.
She’s got to be to hold all those fish!
We’re all looking before it becomes a lost cause.
The powers of the Ocean may have already taken them too far from our Coasts.
We’ve tried to tame Her, the Sea I mean.
The truth is, two hundred years ago, Sailing Off Ships often went missing.
Today, the Sea might say why do we stay so close to the Shore?
Swim in Her cleansing salt waters, but stay only in the shallow.
No one looks for a Boat that went in for the Bermuda triangle.
The Sea thinks it’s funny that We’re even trying.
She eats them up, and in the Sea they no longer float.
She’d never admit it, but it’s really just Her appetite for wooden Boats.
The World is changing, and She doesn’t get it.
Swerving waves of which people are no longer afraid.
The Sea is angry with the Explorer’s and the Mysteries’ attention.
One stop being so vague and the other come for me, she took action.
Her mystical powers swirled the water, the Sailor she’d gotten.
The same waves you’d surf on, sent them all to death at the bottom of the Ocean.

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