Lost Childhood

Shattered dreams of long ago haunt my wakened days.
The loss of focus in my head, leaves my mind in haze.
The journey that I traveled left me without breath.
The thoughts of being by myself just left me think of death.
Emancipated as a child and left to teach myself.
I couldn't reach my guidance since it was too high up on the shelf.
I showed myself the way to live but my way didn't work.
It was like swimming in a pond that blinded me with murk.
Shades of gray was all I seen for brightness wasn't there.
It seemed to me like life was gone since no one really cared.
My lonely nights were way too cold, my tears turned into ice.
How could you get rid of me like I was an easy sacrifice.
But its OK I made it through and passed life's treacherous test.
The little boy of tortured days can now be put to rest.
Continued on and trained my mind and set my fate in stone.
In the end it all worked out with children of my own.
The love I was neglected came to me ten fold.
One thing I will never do is emancipate my own.

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