“Lost Cries in the far mountains”

They played a game there, an hour ago
and left their footsteps on the ground;
unfamiliar of their ferocious and feral foe
who's ready to hunt like a hungry hound;

the echoes of laughter and giggles
embracing the buildings around;
like an infant who hugs and snuggles
as his mother was lost but now found;

A preceptor came and collected them
made their queue and directed them;
to lead them into their respective room
with no clue of their lurking doom;

some are stumbling while walking in bunch
Toiling up the path and fixing their coat's button;
couple of them sat, to finish their half-done lunch
showing each other their patties of mutton;

few boys are found outside the cafeteria
ignorant of standing near the predator's area;
chatting and babbling about their pastime
in the dark about the upcoming crime;

sound of bell that resonated in the air
took them on heels without paying the fare;
with heavy breathing, they galloped along the path
to reach in the class afraid of master's wrath;

commanded to sit and spread out their books
when incendiaries blasted with deafening boom;
it made them disappear and ruined their looks
not alive anymore but just a sight of gloom;

tick-tock goes the time as the mothers wait
unaware of their enemy who set a bait;
it's a long farewell that will not end today
for in vast hoards of carnage, now they all lay;

hither and thither one can only see blood
emitting and flowing like a horrendous flood;
bodies are scattered, and in corpses have turned
faceless they become for all are burned;

Bloodshed, bloodshed, and bloodshed
on their forehead, lines of fate are dead;
amongst this incessant eruption of red fountains
their wails and cries are lost in the far mountains.

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