Lost Cuban Racing Pigeon

Im on this island by the sea
No other birds sing like me
How do I get back to where I should be
They sang my praise as I flew high
Now its quiet by and by
This solemn Tortugas Fort with no fresh water
Can you see this is serious matter
Please help me to fly back to Cuba soon
I met you this afternoon
Hoping you would save my life
I am a lost cuban racing pigeon in strife
It is peaceful here as i sit in solitude
Alone in this room
It once harbored prisoners now I am one
As I wait for the energy to fly home
Oh look it is a ranger he wants to pet me,
I hop into his arms, as we walk by the sea
Into the cool air of AC I finally eat,
What a generous man I meet.
My colors will shine still for my people back home,
Thank God I am no longer alone
Set free,
For once I was lost, and now I am found.
Cuba Bound.

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