Lost Dreams

I used to be that kid that had lots of dreams,
The one that wanted to do things you wouldn't believe.
I wanted to sky dive and mainly be rich,
And climb huge mountains and catch an enormous fish.
To play basketball in the WNBA,
Was a really big dream to accomplish one day.
Yes, I had dreams that could have came true,
But I took my eyes off of them and my dreams were through.
I began to listen to what the world had to say,
By how to accomplish a dream in the somewhat "right" way.
I took my mind off God and put it on material,
And when I did that I was destined to my own funeral.
I followed the crowd by drinking and having fun,
Till one day I looked up to the end of a gun.
I was at the wrong place at the wrong time,
And at that moment my dreams came back in my mind.
I wanted to climb, and catch fish all again,
And play basketball with basketball friends.
My dreams were ending like a one-minute bomb,
All because I was scared to take the road that was long.
When I heard the pulling of that deadly gun,
I knew right then that the world had won.
My dreams were gone and they would never come true,
Because that day I died quick as 1, 2.
I had let the world get in front of what I wanted to do,
Please my friend don't let this happen to you.

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