Lost Drifter

I feel lost right now. A lone drifter wandering in darkness. The light has faded. Not a soul around. Emptiness fills me. I begin to choke on its cold waters. A putrid liquid. A blank black canvas no color can stain. Eyes are an empty soulless looking glass.

Numbness settles in invading every limb.
The sun has hidden its warmth and light from me. Storm clouds fill my lungs replacing the once warm air of loves gentle breath. Beaches of barren bottoms brush against my feet. The sharp edges of desolation cut me deep.

How am I to survive this new life alone. Without your gentle kiss brushing against my cheek? Left to wonder without your touch or the sweetness when you speak. Can I endure or will I crumble to dust? This is the path I walk cause and effect from mistakes made. The cruelty of it far worse than anything ever imagined.

Is my soul still my own or did I lose it along the way? Questions with no answers that lead to more questions. Where is the one who said that they would always be here? Gone I say. Gone so I no longer feel the day.

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This Poems Story

This poem was written due to the loss of family. An emptiness filled me where once love lived.