Lost Favors

This isn't love.
I should feel ashamed.
Maybe god above,
can be blamed.

But I can relate,
to you.
I can restate,
everything I once knew.

Dreams made.
I was going somewhere.
Games played.
Always seemed too unfair.

Since that time,
everyone's touch has been cold.
Nothing to be called mine,
now my heart's bought and sold.

You don't care for me.
We do the same.
We don't care completely.
We barely remember the other's name.

We can try,
and pretend,
the look in my eye,
isn't a favor to lend.

I remember a time before.
Everything was right.
But now there's no hope in store,
for anything tonight.

Love has died,
and I'm not surprised.
Love just lied,
it was comprimised.

Laying next to you,
used to be my pleasure.
The person I once knew,
my love can no longer capture.

Tonight means nothing,
just the other's cold touch.
Our skin numbing,
what used to be too much.

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